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    We are always pleased to receive enquiries from potential customers whether this is by telephone, email or through our Contact Us form for specific queries. If you need an instant response we recommend that you phone us. You will always receive a friendly and informative response. Once we have established the basics of the potential project that you are embarking upon we are always pleased to visit you so we can discuss in more detail your needs and the stages involved and potential timescales. This is also an ideal opportunity to show you our portfolio of school marketing material which can be a useful source to demonstrate the many options available upon which your project may progress. You can read more about the general stages of production for various items under the appropriate headings on this page.

    A sample prospectus pack is available on request showing various formats. This may help when you come to consider different layouts and how many pages your brochure should contain; what content to include; how it is organised and structured; if generic information should be separated from the details required which may date quickly.

    With regard to the production process, this usually starts with a locational photographic session, assuming photography is required. You can read more about photography and how to organise a photographic shoot with us in other sections on this page. Once the photography has been completed, we will then supply a range of ideas and layouts that are mocked-up so you can see exactly what you are getting, complying with the objectives of the agreed brief. We will provide the copywriting if needed. Again this will adhere to your individual taste and approach based upon earlier discussion. Within this sphere we do also offer the option of interviewing staff, pupils and students as an aid to the research and copywriting process.

    After refinements and amendments have been completed to the layouts and the artwork approved it is sent to print upon which we will methodically oversee progress and maintain quality control as at all stages of production. We have been working with our printers over many years. They are accredited to all the necessary ISO standards including for meeting the highest standards of environmental practises.

    This forms the basics of the processes involved in the production of brochures, prospectus and all other publications. At all times we will keep you informed of progress with proofs provided at the appropriate times. We will ensure the quality of the product is never compromised and that delivery is made at the agreed time and deadlines are met.


    Our websites are designed and developed to be easily navigable and to comply with the required Ofsted Statutory information. We use Contol Management Systems which enable you to change the content of your website, change and add new pages and generally give incredible flexibility to update any part of your website yourself. We will provide the necessary training and support regarding all technical issues and be at hand at all times to help you maintain your site.

    In the first instance we will build a website on a temporary address and organize its smooth transition to your official website address once it completed and populated with content to your satisfaction. For a small extra fee we are able to host your website. Our hosting company is UK based and one of the best in the market place. We will ensure that there is always more than adequate bandwith for your site and that speeds and performance are tested regularly and maximized.


    As we are sure you are aware, Ofsted have updated, since September 2011, the requirements for information to be published on all school websites as a statutory necessity. There is also a great deal of content that Ofsted prefer to be published although not necessarily on a mandatory basis. If you are unsure about what these statutory requirements are, you can request a full list from ourselves, including all statutory and preferably published information as deemed by Ofsted.

    We have carefully analysed and planned methods to organise this very comprehensive amount of information in an easily navigable manner, including other information that we believe to be useful and relevant to a school’s audience. We welcome the opportunity to plan with you and discuss in detail all these issues if you are thinking about changing your website or simply revamping it to comply with these new demands.


    The vast majority of our work is always printed in four colour litho printing. The other option for printing publications is digital printing, but this vastly inferior to four colour litho or full colour litho printing and only economical for very short runs with many limitations in terms of the sizes printable and we never recommend using digital printing for prospectuses or school brochures.

    We have had a close working relationship with our printers over many years who print to all sizes and to the very highest quality. Their printing service operates 24 hours a day. Print quality can vary enormously so it is important we believe to take a good look at the print quality of a portfolio and this why we offer to send free sample packs of a range of printed material which you can request on the Contact page of this website.

    There are many exciting print and finishing techniques available which can really enhance the appeal of a prospectus and school literature. Of the many options available you might consider adding special spot colours to enrich the four colour process; using a spot UV varnish against matt lamination creating a tactile experience of intense gloss varnish on a matt finish; spot foil blocking often used on the front cover of brochures to produce a shiny metallic finish in designated areas within the design. These are just a few print finishing options amongst many. Again, upon your request, we can examplify these print techniques by showing you are comprehensive portfolio. We welcome all enquiries if you wish to talk in more depth on this subject.


    You can read more about this topic under the Services section of this website. Some essential considerations when comissioning this type of work however are stated here. In brief branding or more accurately corporate identity should reflect an organisation’s ethos, values and personality and with regard to schools and colleges there will undoubtedly be many stakeholders with whom the identity needs to impact upon positively.

    An inclusive design process. In the first instance ascertaining the personality and ethos of your school or college and how it is perceived and what it should reflect in its identity can be an inclusive procedure. One in which it may prove useful to incorporate the views and thoughts of school pupils and students and/or staff, governors, parents or other stakeholders. In this regard we have designed a Corporate Identity Pack which is offered freely to help direct this process and collate the relevant research. We also welcome the opportunity to visit your school to run a short workshop session and to direct the ‘Participation Process’. This can provide a useful platform upon which our creative team can build upon as a first phase to present ideas for your corporate identity.

    Implementation of the Identity. Creating a logo is really only one part of the corporate identity process. For successful completion of the Identity careful consideration needs to be given to its implementation on all elements of a school’s public face such as prospectuses, printed material, websites, displays, advertisements, stationery, signage, uniforms and any other material that can represent the school. We realise that it may not always be possible to do all these things at one time and that this can be a gradual process. We therefore welcome the opportunity to develop long term working relationships with your school where you can call upon our services at any time, as and when you are ready to implement your school’s identity on different material. We emphasize that we believe that Corporate Identity creation is a highly creative process of design, layout and implementation and one requiring a thorough understanding of all different materials upon which is placed and necessitating a knowledge of the production processes used. But be assured that our creative team have great expertise to ensure that the logo is incorporated in a consistent and imaginative way that really enhances the school public appearance at all levels.


    We are meticulous in our preparation of locational photographic shoots within schools. In this respect we welcome the opportunity to visit your school in advance, not only to listen carefully to your views, but to do an assessment in terms of health and safety and general logistics. Alternatively this can be done on the day of the shoot. We will in any case send over a suggestion sheet of subject matters to be taken incorporating your perspectives, including some general guidelines before the photographic session.

    It goes without saying that written parental consent is given to the school for children to have their photographs taken and also parental/carer permission is acquired if the photographs are to be used in printed or digital media. We ask that a list is made of those who cannot have their photographs taken and passed to appropriate members of staff. We will of course send all the photographs to the school before they are used in any way to be checked in this regard.

    If the photographs are to be used for purposes of producing a prospectus and/or use on websites, we will normally include suggestions of subject matter that are aimed at demonstrating the delivery of the school curriculum and building an overall insight of the school. We will draw up a Suggestion List so that schools can build upon it with any of their ideas for subject matter and that an agenda is created giving time for each picture taken. This will ensure the photographer knows what is to be taken, where and when. It is our experience that the more prepared we are the better, but not to be so prescriptive that creativity is stifled and to always leave room for spontaneity. Sometimes the greatest images are captured because of unpredictable circumstances.

    Typically photographic sessions take a whole day and sometimes two days and of course we will always return to take other pictures if required. We ask that all staff are informed of the date of the photographic shoot and that their cooperation is given. We will of course be as unintrusive as possible and there are many ways in which we can avoid too much disturbance to lessons. Typically only one photographer is allocated to the photographic shoot and we ask for a member of staff to be present during the process. We have found this to produce the best results with a familiar member of staff and only one photographer which is not over powering or intimidating for children and students. We always aim to make photographic sessions fun and an enjoyable experience as much as possible for all concerned. If permission is granted from the school any students with an interest in photography are welcome to accompany our photographer and learn more about this exciting, creative and technical medium.


    Photography is a combination of technical and creative skills coming together in harmony. We believe it to be a primary consideration for the successful production of all printed and published material and upon which all subsequent production processes hinge upon. So in the first instance you may want to check what kind of equipment your chosen photographer is using. Our personal view is that Canon are the forerunners in digital photography and we use the top of the range digital Canon equipment in all respects to cameras and lenses, with a variety of lenses to give us total flexibility in the creative process. Having control of light is also key to taking control of mood and ambience so we always provide a range of lighting equipment. This includes lamp heads as well as hand held flashes which can produce soft and tinted light. Simply using natural light can also produce incredible pictures with the right skills but lighting equipment is essential to meet the exacting demands of varying environments. You can see the variety of effects we have achieved in our photography by requesting a sample portfolio of brochure work or take a look at the Photography section on this website.

    Working with pupils, students and staff

    Composition, facial expression and animation are also key elements of a great photograph and we appreciate the part that pupils and students themselves play in their cooperation to the photographic process. To capture pupils and students that are engaged in school activity in a natural and animated fashion that brings life to the whole picture requires a particular way of working which changes for different age groups taking into account the different levels of concentration that obviously vary from very young reception children to older pupils. That is why we feel it important to have a member of staff and a familiar face working alongside of us to bring out the best in children where they can feel relaxed. In this regard only one photographer will usually be engaged in the photo shoot so that it is not an overpowering or intimidating experience but an enjoyable one and also great fun. Our photographer can draw upon many years of experience in this area and bring direction and a feeling of ease to the process for everyone whilst remaining, of course, completely professional and respectful to all members of the school and their codes of conduct at all times.

    We are able to provide professional copywriting services to any level required for printed and digitally published school material. For such items as prospectuses and websites we will as a matter of course provide the text, based upon discussion with the school, that may be used in its entirety or amended and refined, or act as the skeletal basis for schools to work around themselves. At another level schools can commission us to conduct short interviews and discussions with pupils and/or staff to form the foundations of the copy to be used in any publication. Many schools like to provide their own words for their literature, in which case our design team will ensure that designs are integrated creatively and effectively with the text.

    Wilson Design Group has been in existence for over ten years now working exclusively for schools, colleges and the educational sector throughout the UK, investing in its business and growing upon its success, to ensure that clients can have peace of mind and complete assurance that they will still find the ongoing support and reliability, not just in the short term, but also at any time in the future as their needs change and expand.

    We understand that stability and reliability of service is of paramount importance to our clients and that they may need to come back to us at any point for updates or to expand upon their existing forms of communication. We appreciate also that technologies in digital media are rapidly shifting. In this regard we are committed to maintaining our service and skills at the optimum level and remain completely up to date so that we can provide the necessary assistance and training to our clients as changes occur.


    All of our work is bespoke to varying client needs and so costs will consequently differ. You can of course email us with a specification of a project for costing, but we highly recommend that you give us a quick telephone call in the first instance. We can then more easily ascertain your objectives where there may be a choice of production methods with different cost implications. We can usually in this way give you an ‘on the spot’ idea of prices followed by a written specific quotation within a day. We are confident though that we offer great value for money whilst never compromising on quality.

    It is our aim to cultivate positive, working relationships with our clients and to understand what their long term, marketing objectives and business plans are. Hence we can then offer design solutions which can be flexible and expanded upon, whether that be a website that needs to fulfil changing requirements over several years or to initiate new branding to be implemented gradually over a period of time. This we believe is sensible, strategic planning.

    We welcome the opportunity therefore to talk to you and help in the long-term planning of all your marketing requirements.

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